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ACF SONY CP9742KS Specfication

ACF stands for Anisotropic Conductive Film. It is used to bond FOG and ITO Glass or TCP/FPC.

Product Name CP9842KS
Type FOG
Connection material ITO Glass
Minimum space (m) *1 100
Minimum pitch (m) *2 200
Minimum connection area (m2) *3 -
Thickness (m) 35
Conductive particles Type Au-plated Nickel Particle
Particle diameter (m) 6
Insulation coated particle NO
ACF Laminating conditions Temperature (C) *4 70 to 90
Time (sec) *5 2
Pressure (MPa) *6 0.5 to 1.5
Main bonding conditions Temperature (C) *4 180 to 200
Time (sec) *5 7
Pressure (MPa) *7 2 to 4

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