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Polarizer Laminator Manual

(MODEL MJ2010101)

Polarizer laminator is designed to laminator various kindly of polarizer in the LCD panels. The machine support up to 52inches LCD panels.

 1. Safety Alert Symbols
   1. Safety Precautions
   1. Serial Model Identification Plate
   2. Description_Front Image
   2. Description Back Image
   2. Description- Manual Mode Control
   2. Description- IO Port Check
   2, Description- LCM Stage Belt
   2. Description-Rail
   2. Description- PLC
   2. Description-PLC (Mitsubish)
   3. Installation- Leveling
   3. Installation_Air Connection
   3. Installation Regulator
   4. Operation Procedures-Prior to Starting
   4. Operation Procedures- Starting the machine
   4. Operation Proceudres-Stoping the laminator
   4. Operation Procedure- Quick Start
   5. Servicing- Preparing for servicing
   5. Servicing- Safety
   5. Servicing- Maintenance Schedule
   5. Servicing- Servo Motor
   5. Servicing-PLC
   6. Troubleshooting-Failure to Start
   6. Trouble Shooting- Unscheduled Shutdown
   6. Trouble Shooting- Excessive Noise
   6. Trouble Shooting-Low vacuum in Polarizer
   6. Trouble Shooting- Low Vacuuming in the LCM Stage
   6. Trouble Shooting- Mal Functionin of the machine
   A. Dimensional Drawings- Up
   A. Dimensional Drawings- Front
   A. Dimensional Drawings- Left
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Pol Stage
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Cylinder Spacer
   A. Dimensional Drawing- Pressing Roller

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