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MODEL 2010103

Polarzer Remover Machine is a specially desgined machine to remove polarizer or touch screen panel on the LCD panels. 

 1. Safety Alert Symbols
   1. Safety Precaution
   1. Serial Model Identification Plate
   2.1. General Description- Front Image
   2.2. General Description- 3 dimensional drawing
   2.3. General Description- Profile
   2.3. General Description-Block Diagram
   2.4. General Description-Motor, Clutch and Pulley
   2.5. General Description-Air Cylinder, LM guide
   2.7. General Description- Ionizer Diagram
   2.6 General Description - Motor Connection Diagram
   2.7. General Description- Heater Connection Diagram
   2.8. General Description-PLC Diagram
   3. Parts Description- Control Panel
   3.2. Parts Description-Control Panel Electronic Connection
   3.3. Parts Description- Main Power Panel
   3.4. Parts Description-Main Power Panel Electricity Connection
   3.7. Parts Description-Temperature Controller
   3.10. Parts Description-Distribution Panel
   3.11. Parts Description-Distribution Panel Electronical Connector
   3.12. Parts Description-Circuit Breaker
   3.13. Parts Description-MCCB
   3.13. Parts Description-Magnetic Contactor
   3.14. Parts Description-Thermal Overload Relay
   3.15. Parts Description-Noise Filter
   3.16. Parts Description- PLC
   3.17. Parts Description-PLC Input
   3.18. Parts Description- PLC Output
   3.17. Parts Description- SSR
   3.18. Parts Description-220V European Socket
   3.19. Parts Description-SMPS
   3.20. Parts Description- Inverter
   3.21. PartsDescription-Geared Motor
   3.22. Parts Description- Coupling
   3.23. Parts Description-Cam Follower
   3.22. Parts Dexcription- Clutch
   3,22. Parts Description-Deep Groove Ball Bearing
   3.28. Parts Description- Timing Pulley
   3.23. Parts Description- Timing Belt
   3.23. Parts Description-Pillow Block Bearing
   3.24. Parts Description- Drive Shaft
   3.25. Parts Description- Shaft Collar
   3.25. Parts Description-Ionizer Power Supply
   3.26. Parts Description- Ion Electrode
   3.25. Parts Description-Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
   3.24. Parts Description-Pressure Regulator
   3.27. Parts Dexcription-Solnenoid Valve
   3.25. Parts Description- Floating Joint
   3.24. Parts Description-Speed Controller
   3.24. Parts Description- Air Cylinder
   3.26. Parts Description- LM Guide
   4.1. Installation- Location Bolt
   4.2. Installation - Leveling
   4.3. Installation- Electronic Power Connection
   4.4.. Installation- Compressed Air
   5.1. Operation
   6.1. Service & Maintenance-preparing for servicing
   6.2 Service & Maintenane- Safety Instruction
   6.3.. Service & Maintenance- Schedule
   7.1. Trouble Shooting- General Power Failure
   7.2. Trouble Shooting-Ionizer
   7.3. Trouble Shooting- Motor
   7.4. Trouble shooting- Air Cylinder
   7.5. Trouble Shooting-Heater
   A. Technical Data
   B. Dimensional Drawing-Up
   B. Dimensional Drawing- Front
   B. Dimensional Drawing- Side
   B. Dimensional Drawing-Motor Up
   B. Dimensional Drawing Motor Front
   B. Dimensioanl Drawing Timing Belt
   B. Dimensional Drawing-Roller & Air Cylinder
   C. Electric Distribution Drawing

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