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   Old Polarizer Laminator Manual
   Old TAB/IC Bonding Manual
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Actual TAB Bonding Operation
Polarizer Laminator Manual
   1. Safety Alert Symbols
   1. Safety Precautions
   1. Serial Model Identification Plate
   2.1. General Description- Major Structure
   2.2. General Description- Top View
   2.2. General Description- Back side of the machine
   2.3. General Description-Polarizer Stage
   2.4. General Description- Polarizer front aligner
   2.5. General Description- Polarizer left aligner
   2.6. General Description- Pressing Roller
   2.7. General Description-Rack & Pinion Assembly
   2.8. General Description- Polarizer Vacuuming
   2.9 General Description- LCM stage
   2.10. General Description- Distribution Panel
   2.11.General Description- Manual Mode Control
   2.12. General Description- IO Port Check
   2.13. Genearal Description-PLC Diagram
   2.14. General Description- Compressed AIr
   3. Parts Description-PR Air Regulator
   3.Parts Description- PR Pressure Sensor
   3. Parts Description-PR Aircylinder
   3. Parts Description-PR Floating Joint
   3. Parts Description-PR LM Guide
   3. Parts Description-PR Shock Absorber
   3. Parts Description-PR Stopper
   3. Parts Description-Flip AIr Cylinder
   3. Parts Description-Flip Floating Joint
   3. Parts Description-Flip Shock Absorber
   3. Parts Description-Flip Stopper
   3. Parts Description-Flip LM Guide
   3. Parts Description-AL Air Cylinder
   3. Parts Description-AL Micrometer Head
   3. Parts Description-PS Ball Bushing
   3. Parts Description-PS Polarizer Vacuum Ejectror
   3. Parts Description- PS Hand Valve
   3. Parts Description- PS Vacuum Valve
   3. Parts Description- LCM Cableveyor
   3. Parts Description- PLC Input Adaptor
   3. Parts Description-PLC output Adaptor
   3. Parts Description- LCM stage timing belt
   3. Parts Description-LCM Stage Rail
   3.13. Parts Description- PLC
   3. Installation- Leveling
   3. Installation_Air Connection
   3. Installation Regulator
   4. Operation Procedures-Prior to Starting
   4. Operation Procedures- Starting the machine
   4. Operation Proceudres-Stoping the laminator
   4. Operation Procedure- Quick Start
   5. Servicing- Preparing for servicing
   5. Servicing- Safety
   5. Servicing- Maintenance Schedule
   5. Servicing- Servo Motor
   5. Servicing-PLC
   6. Troubleshooting-Failure to Start
   6. Trouble Shooting- Unscheduled Shutdown
   6. Trouble Shooting- Excessive Noise
   6. Trouble Shooting-Low vacuum in Polarizer
   6. Trouble Shooting- Low Vacuuming in the LCM Stage
   6. Trouble Shooting- Mal Functionin of the machine
   A. Dimensional Drawings- Up
   A. Dimensional Drawings- Front
   A. Dimensional Drawings- Left
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Pol Stage
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Cylinder Spacer
   A. Dimensional Drawing- Pressing Roller
   B. Technical Specification
Polarizer Remover Manual
   1. Safety Alert Symbols
   1. Safety Precaution
   1. Serial Model Identification Plate
   2.1. General Description- Front Image
   2.2. General Description- 3 dimensional drawing
   2.3. General Description- Profile
   2.3. General Description-Block Diagram
   2.4. General Description-Motor, Clutch and Pulley
   2.5. General Description-Air Cylinder, LM guide
   2.7. General Description- Ionizer Diagram
   2.6 General Description - Motor Connection Diagram
   2.7. General Description- Heater Connection Diagram
   2.8. General Description-PLC Diagram
   3. Parts Description- Control Panel
   3.2. Parts Description-Control Panel Electronic Connection
   3.3. Parts Description- Main Power Panel
   3.4. Parts Description-Main Power Panel Electricity Connection
   3.7. Parts Description-Temperature Controller
   3.10. Parts Description-Distribution Panel
   3.11. Parts Description-Distribution Panel Electronical Connector
   3.12. Parts Description-Circuit Breaker
   3.13. Parts Description-MCCB
   3.13. Parts Description-Magnetic Contactor
   3.14. Parts Description-Thermal Overload Relay
   3.15. Parts Description-Noise Filter
   3.16. Parts Description- PLC
   3.17. Parts Description-PLC Input
   3.18. Parts Description- PLC Output
   3.17. Parts Description- SSR
   3.18. Parts Description-220V European Socket
   3.19. Parts Description-SMPS
   3.20. Parts Description- Inverter
   3.21. PartsDescription-Geared Motor
   3.22. Parts Description- Coupling
   3.23. Parts Description-Cam Follower
   3.22. Parts Dexcription- Clutch
   3,22. Parts Description-Deep Groove Ball Bearing
   3.28. Parts Description- Timing Pulley
   3.23. Parts Description- Timing Belt
   3.23. Parts Description-Pillow Block Bearing
   3.24. Parts Description- Drive Shaft
   3.25. Parts Description- Shaft Collar
   3.25. Parts Description-Ionizer Power Supply
   3.26. Parts Description- Ion Electrode
   3.25. Parts Description-Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
   3.24. Parts Description-Pressure Regulator
   3.27. Parts Dexcription-Solnenoid Valve
   3.25. Parts Description- Floating Joint
   3.24. Parts Description-Speed Controller
   3.24. Parts Description- Air Cylinder
   3.26. Parts Description- LM Guide
   4.1. Installation- Location Bolt
   4.2. Installation - Leveling
   4.3. Installation- Electronic Power Connection
   4.4.. Installation- Compressed Air
   5.1. Operation
   6.1. Service & Maintenance-preparing for servicing
   6.2 Service & Maintenane- Safety Instruction
   6.3.. Service & Maintenance- Schedule
   7.1. Trouble Shooting- General Power Failure
   7.2. Trouble Shooting-Ionizer
   7.3. Trouble Shooting- Motor
   7.4. Trouble shooting- Air Cylinder
   7.5. Trouble Shooting-Heater
   A. Technical Data
   B. Dimensional Drawing-Up
   B. Dimensional Drawing- Front
   B. Dimensional Drawing- Side
   B. Dimensional Drawing-Motor Up
   B. Dimensional Drawing Motor Front
   B. Dimensioanl Drawing Timing Belt
   B. Dimensional Drawing-Roller & Air Cylinder
   C. Electric Distribution Drawing
TAB/IC Bonding Machine Manual
   1. Safety Alerty System
   1. Safety Precautions
   1. Serial Model Identification Plate
   2. General Description- Cylinder A & B Operation
   2. Description- Front Image
   2. Description -Backside Image
   2. Description-Rightside Image
   2. Description- LCM Guide
   2. Decription- LCM Guide Controller
   2. Description- PCB Guide
   2. Description-Main Controller
   2. Description- Heater
   2. Description - Bonding Pressure
   2. Description- Bonding Controller
   2. Description- Quartz protection Stage
   2. Description- TAB/IC holder
   2. Description- Structure of COG
   2. Description- COF Bonding Mechanism
   2. Description- Success condition of bonding
   2. Description- Camera Unit
   2. Description- Monitor
   2. Description-Solenoid Unit
   2. Description- Servo Amplifier
   2. Description- PLC
   2. Description-PLC (MitsubishI)
   2. Description- PLC Expansion (Mitsubishi)
   2. Description-PLC Main Unit Connection
   2. Description-PLC Input & Output
   2. Description-Digital LED controller
   2. Description- Camera and Monitor adapter
   3. Installation- Leveling
   3. Installation- AIr Connection
   3. Installation - Regulator
   4. Operation- Flow Chart
   4. Operation- Prior to Starting
   4. Operation - Starting Up COF bonder
   4. Operation- Stopping COF Bonder
   4. Ooperation-Remove Silicon
   4. Operation-Source and Gate COF
   4. Operation - Quick Start
   4. Operation-Tilting Correction
   4. Operation- After Bonding Inspection
   4. Operation-Pulling Test
   5. Servicing-Preparing for servicing
   5. Serving- Check Flatness of Quartz Stage
   5. Servicing- Safety
   5. Servicing-Maintenance Schedule
   5. Servicing- PLC
   5. Servicing- Monitor
   5. Servicing-Flatness of head
   6. Trouble Shooting- Failure to Start
   6. Trouble Shooting- Unscheduled Shutdown
   6. Trouble shooting- low vacuuming
   6. Trouble Shooting- Excessive Noise
   6. Trouble Shooting- LCM Stage would not stop
   6. Trouble Shooting- LCM Guide do not move
   6. Trouble Shooting- Quartz Stage not Flat
   6. Trouble Shooting-LCM Table Alarm and LED
   6. Trouble Shooting- Cylinder 1 Alarm and LED
   6. Trouble Shooting-Cylinder 2 Alarm and LED
   6. Trouble Shooting- Line error after bonding
   6. Trouble shooting- COF bonding failure
   A. Dimensional Drawings- COF Bonder
   A. Dimentional Drawing- Servo Amp
   A.Dimentional Drawing- PLC
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Quartz Stage
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Pressing Head Heater
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Main Plate
   A. Dimensional Drawing-TAB/IC Holder
   B. Technical Data- Electricity
   B. Technical Data-Air Consumption
   B. Technical Data - Monitor
   B. Technical Data-PLC
   C. Block Diagram- Servo Amplifier
   D. Solenoid Valve Connection
ACF Tacker Manual
   1. Safety Alert Symbols
   1. Safety Precautions
   2. Description Pressing head
   2. Desription- Control Box
   2. Description-ACF
   3. Operation Procedures
   3. Operation- COF Rework
   4. Servicing- Themometer
   B. Technical Data- SONY Product Range
Microscope Manual
   1. Safety Alert Symbols
   1. Safety Precautions
   2. Description_Front image
   2. Description Backside image
   2. Description-General Structure
   2. Description-General Diagram
   3. Installation
   4. Operation Procedure
   5. Servicing
   A. Dimensional Drawings- CCD
   B. Technical Data -CCD
Cleanroom Construction
   Day1 Engieneer Pickup
   Day2 Check Parts and Buy H beam
   Day3 Cut Sandwitch and Build Wall
   Day4 Make Air Returns Duct on the wall
   Day5 Make Locker
   Day6. Attach Angle for the Ceiling
   Day7. Finish the ceiling
   Day8 Air Shower Installation
   Day9 Attach angle for ceiling
   Day 10 Air Compressor Installation
   Day 11 Locker Room Door
   Day 12 Column Installation
   Day 13. Extension of H beam
   Day 14. Installation of Goods Shower
   Day15 Installation of Cross Beam
   Day16. Round Molding on the Wall
   Day17. Installation of 2 Cross Beam
   Day18. Cross Beam and Compressed Air
   Day19. Installation of Hanger
   Day20. Installation of final Cross Beam
   Day21. Modification of H-Beam
   Day22. Second Ceiling
   Day23. Goods Shower Door
   Day24. Cleanroom Ceiling
   Day25. Angle for class 100
   Day26. Make Hepa Filter Hanger
   Day27. Attach Bar on the ceiling
   Day28. WIndows
   Day29. HEPA Filter frame
   Day30. HEPA Filter Frame
   Day31. HEPA Filter Frame
   Day32. 1st Ceiling
   Day33. Windows
   Day34. Damper in Class100
   Day35. Dampers in the class 1,000 area
   Day36. Locker room lighting.
   Day37. Heat Exchange Install
   Day38. Compressed Air Line install
   Day39. Duct Construction
   Day40. Cleanroom Ceiling Mold
   Day41. Electric Power Cable
   Day42. Floor
   Day43. ESD tile connecting and Duct
   Day44. Doors for the machine
   Day45. Cleanroom Airduct
   Day 47. HEPA filter Install
   Day 48. Incoming Electricity
   Day49. Incoming Air Duct
   Day50. Ourgoing Air Duct
   Day51. Cleanrom Control Box
   Day52. Electric Rail Installation
   Day53. Double wall floor painting
   Day54. Duct Insulation
   Day55. Machine enterance
   Day56. Door Knob
   Day57. AIr Duct Insulation
   Day58. Industrial Electric Socket
   Day59. Medical compressed air socket
   Day60. Heat Exchanger
   Day61. Floor Cleaning
   Day62. Machine Door Ceiling
Cleanroom Construction2
SONY ACF Specification
AIr Compressor
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