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TAB bonding Operation May 14 2012

Operation Report May 14 2012



We tried with LG LM170E02 and most of the bondings were sucessful



1.       First Trial


The pressing location was wrong so we adjusted the LCM aligment postion to 16.95mm(LEFT) and 16.45mm (RIGHT) and the bonding was successful on the second trial. The temperature was also too low and we increased the temperature to 235 degrees



(1)    Electronic Inspection



(2)    Visual Inspection


TAB bonding COF bonding actual image alignment mark



2   2nd bonding


(1)    Electronic Inspection



(3)    Visual Inspection





3.3rd bonding


(1)    Electronic Inspection


(2)    Basic settings


(3)    Alignment


4., 4th bonding


We adjusted the LCM guide to 16.65mm(LEFT) and 16.75mm(RIGHT) and we had 4 error lines.


(1)    Electronic Inspection



(2)    Visual Inspection



5. 5th bonding


The fifth bonding was sucessful. It was rotated in 0.1 degree but it does not affect the bonding.


(1)    Electronic Inspection



(2)    Visual Inspection





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