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TAB/IC Bonding Machine  MODEL MJ2010102

TAB/IC bonding machine is designed to bond TAB/IC or COF to the liquid crystal module. For more inforation, please see the follo wing information.

  1. Safety Alerty System
   1. Safety Precautions
   1. Serial Model Identification Plate
   2. Description- Front Image
   2. Description -Backside Image
   2. Description-Rightside Image
   2. Description- LCM Guide
   2. Decription- LCM Guide Controller
   2. Description- PCB Guide
   2. Description-Main Controller
   2. Description- Heater
   2. Description - Bonding Pressure
   2. Description- Bonding Controller
   2. Description- Quartz protection Stage
   2. Description- TAB/IC holder
   2. Description- Structure of COG
   2. Description- COF Bonding Mechanism
   2. Description- Success condition of bonding
   2. Description- Camera Unit
   2. Description- Monitor
   2. Description-Solenoid Unit
   2. Description- Servo Amplifier
   2. Description- PLC
   2. Description-PLC (MitsubishI)
   2. Description- PLC Expansion (Mitsubishi)
   2. Description-PLC Main Unit Connection
   2. Description-PLC Input & Output
   2. Description-Digital LED controller
   2. Description- Camera and Monitor adapter
   3. Installation- Leveling
   3. Installation- AIr Connection
   3. Installation - Regulator
   4. Operation- Flow Chart
   4. Operation- Prior to Starting
   4. Operation - Starting Up COF bonder
   4. Operation- Stopping COF Bonder
   4. Ooperation-Remove Silicon
   4. Operation-Source and Gate COF
   4. Operation - Quick Start
   4. Operation-Tilting Correction
   4. Operation- After Bonding Inspection
   4. Operation-Pulling Test
   5. Servicing-Preparing for servicing
   5. Serving- Check Flatness of Quartz Stage
   5. Servicing- Safety
   5. Servicing-Maintenance Schedule
   5. Servicing- PLC
   5. Servicing- Monitor
   5. Servicing-Flatness of head
   6. Trouble Shooting- Failure to Start
   6. Trouble Shooting- Unscheduled Shutdown
   6. Trouble shooting- low vacuuming
   6. Trouble Shooting- Excessive Noise
   6. Trouble Shooting- LCM Stage would not stop
   6. Trouble Shooting- LCM Guide do not move
   6. Trouble Shooting- Quartz Stage not Flat
   6. Trouble Shooting-LCM Table Alarm and LED
   6. Trouble Shooting- Cylinder 1 Alarm and LED
   6. Trouble Shooting-Cylinder 2 Alarm and LED
   6. Trouble Shooting- Line error after bonding
   6. Trouble shooting- COF bonding failure
   A. Dimensional Drawings- COF Bonder
   A. Dimentional Drawing- Servo Amp
   A.Dimentional Drawing- PLC
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Quartz Stage
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Pressing Head Heater
   A. Dimensional Drawing-Main Plate
   A. Dimensional Drawing-TAB/IC Holder
   B. Technical Data- Electricity
   B. Technical Data-Air Consumption
   B. Technical Data - Monitor
   B. Technical Data-PLC
   C. Block Diagram- Servo Amplifier
   D. Solenoid Valve Connection


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